Wednesday, April 16, 2014

charity Golf Tournament prep work... the fun stuff!

there is so much prep work that goes into a charity event and then there is so much work that goes into a golf tournament, so both, wooh... but lucky me I get to do the fun stuff, day of setup and organizing.  I must give so so so much credit to the individuals that put this event on for over 25 years now... crazy amounts of long-term effort go into planning, prepping, organizing, and that's not event day of stuff!  The Rum Runner bars, family, friends, and anyone willing in Las Vegas are all over this event and ready to go out with a bang every year.  They do good, real good work!

Ok, so on the even more fun stuff... This year we are looking to add a bit more organized decorations and theme.  So, here's the ideas...  golf balls of fun felt colors, mini grass pads, and bunting and banners too.

Try to envision this...
Every table covered with a tablecloth (preferably white).  Then a word banner across the front. Stating like "door prizes" or "silent auction" or "raffles", etc.  As added decor I wanted to intertwine the word banner with the colored felt ball garland.  I like the added color and that the balls are kinda like golf balls.  The words are in all different colors OR themed?  I also like the added pics to the word banners... adds the personal touch. 

For table center pieces... I like paper grass (like Easter grass, but paper is recyclable) covering a sturdy surface with a golf tee(s) and the colored felt balls glued on top with maybe some added fun cut-outs.  Of course, with all the other regular fun-stuff of booklets, etc.

Just ideas... But I want to get started while the crafty juices are flowing...  Here is my cluttered collage mess with inspiration from Oh Joy!, A Subtle Revelry, and an Etsy search of "felt ball garland" and "golf".  

What do you think?  see the vision?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Project Life updates

really Project Life is scrapping made exponentially easier, and I love it still.
it remains a creative outlet and hobby of mine, which I try to stay active in.

To say I am behind is an under statement... however, I use the excuse to myself that I am completely organized to go and just lack the commitment to time to finish.  Yeah, sure, whatever, I know.  But as long as I still enjoy it, then back tracking in time isn't such a big deal to me.  So, without further ado... January 2013!  yeah, 2013.  it's all cool, I'll get to 2014 in umm 2015? maybe?

So, I'm learning to stick with a theme for each full page.  It helps color-coordinate supplies and keeps me focused.  I guess this is why kits are so popular.  If only I could make kits of all my stuff I already have and stop adding to the mass... anyway, back on topics.... January and February 2013 layouts.

I spent a lot of time last year documenting every little tidbit of life, whether it was because my 29th year of life was profound to me or I became obsessed, either way, going back has allowed me to be more selective of the memories i scrap and I was able to relieve some funny and sweet moments.  That's why we capture and scrap, right? to relieve those moments.  For instance, I documented every outfit I wore in February to force myself to wear all my clothes and mix & match more, and beau would make faces or poses or just something ridiculous like dancing in the background of my pics.  He makes me smile!
on to March 2013...

I must say documenting some of your favorite moments, not only refreshes the memory but also reminds you of how blessed you are.  Like a surprise visit to my fav little girl's first recital.  Glorious good time!

Ok, for now the "stuff" has been put away, but don't forget May 3 is National Scrapbook Day!  And well, yes it is a gimmick to get people to spend money, but hey if it gets me involved one extra day then I'm thankful.  So, will you participate too?  Check out this free "class" that is intended to inspire throughout the day on May 3.

some prior project life works here and here

Friday, April 11, 2014

2014 garden planning

supporting my belly and the earth, yet again...

In my little outdoor space, I like to have something growing, and well if it's edible just adds to the satisfaction of having grown something.  You know the delight and awe in the fact that you made this little thing grow and if all turns out well, it tastes great too.  100% satisfaction!

So, in February I started planning my container garden with the handy help of this book.  I wrote down what I'd like to plant and how to grow and care for each item.  And then, I just plainly forgot about it.  Today I took a look at it and compared it to what grows in our area and when (with the help of this site), and opps, it's past the deadline for many spring-summer harvest, so I'll try to remember again at the end of summer for the fall harvest.

So for now... my garden list consists of snap beans, okra, tomatoes, peppers, and a few herbs including basil, mint, parsley and chives.  Wish me luck!  I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 2014 Goals

I find that if I use my goals set as a task to make a list for a future (maybe, next month) project, aka goal, that I actually get more action out of the goal set in present and future.  Like in February using a goal to plan for March adventures.  It's like planning for the planning.  Nah, that makes no sense.  It's like plan to plan.  Bah, forget it.  You get it.  I make a goal to define the planning stage then use the second goal to execute.  And it's working, so far...

So for April, I've been working on a new craft project that shall be revealed soon.  If I remind myself to be crafty then I actually get the project done.  And well if I do it for someone else, and make that change, then it's a bit more motivation to get it done too.  Whatever works, eh.  Additionally, there are a few "new" minor house projects collecting around, minus all the old projects, we will willfully ignore those for now, that I would love to work on.  So, I'm going to start the planning, of materials and options, and all that stuff, so in May we can get some stuff done.  Lastly, I am woefully late in the garden planning this year.  I started in February and then just spaced out, and now well, it's hot outside, so I've got to get a few things in the ground before the sweaty, Southern heat forbids me from even thinking of being outside for an extended period of time, slaving over attempting to grow anything in a pot.

Are you making goals?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

book reporting... overdue

Just like when my library books become overdue, my reporting often does too.  Clearly, I'm a procrastinator, but I'd say I work pretty well under pressure.  I finished these books in February...

Artist: TheWellKeptThing source: Good Reads

Anyway,  the last books on my list (as stated here in my last book report) were more non-fiction.

A Long Way Gone, memoirs of a boy soldier by Ishmael Beah
excellent book!  the writing was great, descriptions of the surroundings gave life to the page.  The forest, the food, the settings were so full of life, good or bad, you felt the surrounding had played an important fole, for instance "... the moon disappeared and took the stars with it, making the sky weep.  Its tears saved us from the red bullets." [chapter 11].  The story is of a boy (and his family, friends, neighbors) who becomes a survivor of war by first running, then being captured to be a forced soldier, then a rehabilitated orphan, all while being a child, then a young man/boy.  It happens in the early 1990's, which is what facinated me quite a bit.  We all hear of these things, I mean I saw Blood Diamond, but a personal account is quite touching.  Read this book for the heros, the boy, many caring people that touch his life, the orphanage, the UN, and not the enemy.  Information is power.

On another note,  I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai
The rest of the title tells the background... the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the taliban.  This was a good background story of a very strong little girl and quite the history lesson.  As you read, you still get the sense that she is a child.  I found the book to be informative of the Pakistan "situation" but seemed like a lot of story building and no ending.  The sense of family and how parents can guide their children, without do so explicitly.  Child watch and learn and most importantly repeat.  Their foundations and beliefs are so often built upon their parents, and this smart young lady followed then led.  A story to make women proud.

Next up... The Monuments Men by Robert M. Edsel and The Girls of Atomic City by Denise Kiernan