Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 2014 Goals

well June got skipped, at least here on the blog-o-sphere...  June, well, a lesson learned was the inspiration to get July rolling right.  June was a flurry of activities here, there, and everywhere.

July is for learning from June and applying some more thoughtful goals.  There are so many adventures to seek... new to you or new to me... there is something for everyone.  And that's my point.  To focus on my own sought after adventure, not someone else's.  Along with learning is accepting and appreciating others.  My coworker always says that your happiness is the level of your expectations -or something like that.  Pretty much if you dream to be a Disney Princess and then you find the guy actually doesn't do dishes or wipe baby butts often, well, don't be too upset.  It was your expectations, not the reality.  And hey maybe he makes a mean meal every night or folds your delicates.  I want to be more accepting of what people put out there, maybe that is their best (which is just different than mine).  expectations are key.

Best Wishes for July to me -it's going to be a tough one.  expectations, right?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

tissue paper decor: fringe garland

fringe garland is all the rage in the party decor space.  you know why?  because it is SO easy to make!  takes little time, and just looks so fun for any theme party.  I made my first one ever late the other night, when attempting to come up with simple ways to jazz up a retirement farewell dinner.  I'd say it turned out quite well, with my signs.

so, how about a tutorial...
tissue paper, tape, scissors

Instructions follow the image below:
1 - take 2-4 full sheets of tissue paper and fold in half long-length wise (fewer sheets are easier to cut, but more sheets are quicker)
2 - fold in half twice along the short side
3 - cut slits 2/3 of the way up the long edge, leaving about 3 inches at the top uncut.  Make the slits about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick.  Scissors work easily, but I found a large paper slicer is quicker but doesn't make as nice cuts
4 - unfold and separate each sheet.  lay one sheet down and be sure the fringes are laid down nicely -this makes it easier to roll.
5 - Start at one end and roll the tissue paper sheet up, making the roll about as wide as slits.  Continue rolling the whole sheet.
6 - Whit the completely rolled sheet, twist the center solid section -be careful not to twist too tight to break it.  Fold in half so the twist makes a loop and tape around the loop.  String to make a garland and party on!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Tissue Paper Flowers: the new method

I have a love for paper crafting... scrapbooking, card making, gift wrapping, party decorations.  I own about a thousand pieces of cardstock in different patterns and colors, and oh tissue paper has been my new weakness.  Tissue paper provides an easy flexible medium for all sorts of ideas.  And I'm glad others are flexing their creative muscles so I can learn and recreate.

So, most people know the accordion fold paper flower technique.  My grandma taught it to me as a young child, then Martha Stewart's minions retaught me a few years ago.  This time around we were having dinner at a restaurant and well I wanted something light and cute to go on the table, so I found this tutorial from You Are My Fav (which has excellent creative ideas) for a new sort of tissue paper flower -I'm calling it the glory pouf -definitely needs a new name, ha.

tissue paper sheets, cardstock, glue, scissors

Instructions follow the pictures below:
1 - take 5-8 half sheets of tissue paper and cut into squares.  size will affect the size of the flower -small for smaller flowers like for a garland, and I went with about 10 inch squares for centerpieces on the table.  The size doesn't have to be exact, you are cutting most of it off anyway. Fold the squares in half. Then fold it in half again. Hold the corner with all the folds, then using scissors, cut three petals, starting on the folded edge.  Again, the cuts for the petals don't have to be exact, the variations add character to your flower. 
2 - Unfold and separate all the tissue paper pieces, so your flowers are open.  Take a flower piece and fold over your finger at the center of the flower.  
3 - Pinch around your finger, remove the flower and twist just a bit to keep the flower from unfolding.  Repeat for each flower piece.
4 - Using hot glue gun (or any quick dry, sturdy glue) and a  1 inch circle of cardstock paper (or smaller depending on your flower size), glue down the twisted end of the flower to the cardstock until the flower is full.  I started with gluing at the edge, moving inward, separating the flower bunches to fill in any empty spots.

Voila - glory pouf or tissue paper flower

Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 2014 Goals

*sometimes posts get half written and much delayed posted*  life goes on...

So for my April goals I had set up some ideas for house projects, and well a few got done immediately (without my prompt).  Sometimes if you leave stuff around long enough, someone else will take care of it /hint hint.  Also, why I end up doing a lot of dishes.  Anyways...  The door bell finally got replaced, and doesn't it look nice?

We also cleaned out quite a bit of miscellaneous stuff that has been stuffed in closets.  Like an old school TV that sat in the spare closet for over a year and a busted mirror and blow dryer; all to be e-recycled at our community event this week, and well our community has a ban on trashing electronics.  And I finally turned this *naked* man painting into a chalkboard.  So, the naked man was a bachelorette party wine & painting night, which for the record he was a good sport and had roos on.

But the rest of the projects will have to wait, because sometimes things come up and plans change in an instance.  Luckily for me that means heading to the UK for a few days for work, as part of my new role that started on May 1st.  Which I'm excited about, but a little overwhelmed working through the details right now.  Which brings me to the NO COMPLAINING at work.  Well, I've found myself bitching really, but complaining sounds nicer somehow, bitching about work loads and co-workers, and well it's just not appropriate, especially to other co-workers or even my boss.  I've made my feelings known in the past, honestly a little to well known for a long-time.  And now I remind myself of something I read in The Last Lecture and keep at my desk (what good that has done)...
     Complaining is not a strategy... it's unlikely to help us achieve our goals, and it won't make us happier
     Take the energy put to complaining and apply to problem solving... it will work out

Ok, so I've already failed at this in the first week of May, but there are a few weeks left.  And I have willpower to not complain!  Ever have a personal issue, you had or still have a hard time overcoming?

Oh, and the spend diet is in preparation for summer adventures, that my fun-time to over spend just a bit.  And I wouldn't change those moments I get to spoil myself and the ones I love.  You know who you are :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

charity Golf Tournament prep work... the fun stuff!

there is so much prep work that goes into a charity event and then there is so much work that goes into a golf tournament, so both, wooh... but lucky me I get to do the fun stuff, day of setup and organizing.  I must give so so so much credit to the individuals that put this event on for over 25 years now... crazy amounts of long-term effort go into planning, prepping, organizing, and that's not event day of stuff!  The Rum Runner bars, family, friends, and anyone willing in Las Vegas are all over this event and ready to go out with a bang every year.  They do good, real good work!

Ok, so on the even more fun stuff... This year we are looking to add a bit more organized decorations and theme.  So, here's the ideas...  golf balls of fun felt colors, mini grass pads, and bunting and banners too.

Try to envision this...
Every table covered with a tablecloth (preferably white).  Then a word banner across the front. Stating like "door prizes" or "silent auction" or "raffles", etc.  As added decor I wanted to intertwine the word banner with the colored felt ball garland.  I like the added color and that the balls are kinda like golf balls.  The words are in all different colors OR themed?  I also like the added pics to the word banners... adds the personal touch. 

For table center pieces... I like paper grass (like Easter grass, but paper is recyclable) covering a sturdy surface with a golf tee(s) and the colored felt balls glued on top with maybe some added fun cut-outs.  Of course, with all the other regular fun-stuff of booklets, etc.

Just ideas... But I want to get started while the crafty juices are flowing...  Here is my cluttered collage mess with inspiration from Oh Joy!, A Subtle Revelry, and an Etsy search of "felt ball garland" and "golf".  

What do you think?  see the vision?